S&P revises shadow inventory timeline upward, again

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Read full article. read full article. We have tracked the U.S. Federal Reserve’s interest rates decisions for years. This week, the Fed once again decided to keep the funds rate unchanged. We.

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IndyMac: Mini Bank Run, Thanks to Schumer The Earth could be headed for a ‘mini ice age’ researchers have warned. A new study claims to have cracked predicting solar cycles – and says that between 2020 and 2030 solar cycles will cancel each.

Shadow inventory Armageddon – Foreclosure timeline up to an average of 599 days with 798,000 mortgages having no payment made in over 1 year and no foreclosure process initiated. Shadow inventory grows to over 6,540,000 properties.

JP Morgan’s Dimon: Prime Mortgages Look Terrible The Monday after a long working weekend, Jamie Dimon. until you look at the competition: billion for Merrill Lynch, $20.4 billion for Citigroup, $18.7 billion at UBS, and $10.1 billion at.

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Freddie Mac and Florida foreclosure law firm part ways FDIC wants in on JPMorgan settlement, bogs down talks State of New York accuses Evans Bank of redlining New york financial regulators filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Evans Bank and Evans Bancorp Inc. (collectively known as Evans), alleging the regional bank denied access to mortgage loans to predominately African-American neighborhoods in Buffalo, N.Y. because of the racial mix of those areas. The.JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM. share decrease in earnings related to incremental expected costs of foreclosure-related matters. And I’ll talk about that later. And then finally, $0.19 per share.Freddie Mac told servicers on Tuesday to stop referring Freddie Mac foreclosure cases to the Florida Law Offices of David J. Stern, and said it is transferring its existing cases at the firm to.

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Bernanke calls for nationwide REO rental program "The idea of a modification program. call of investors to "determine whether certificateholders together should give notice of a servicer event of default." "Our feeling was that letting things.

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Foreclosure moratoriums honored by major lenders in the hope of a government rescue from toxic mortgages have come to an end. Additionally, the resulting increase in trustee’s sales and the already massive "shadow inventory" of foreclosed homes (which awaited government rescue that never came) have yet to hit the market.