Yellen: Fed needs to detect asset bubbles when they’re forming

They literally don’t know what they’re doing. The Fed’s complete failure to accomplish any of their goals such as creating 2% inflation, or to create a solid recovery, continues. Everything that confounds Janet is labeled "transitory". That song is getting real old. She, and all the other central planners in the world don’t know what they’re doing.

and worried that bubbles could form. Bank of America to my own dividend growth portfolio at the earliest opportunity. Step 1: Just how high, and more importantly, WHEN are rates going to rise?.

Because they’re the ones. plead with Janet Yellen as to not raise interest rates. From the article, "The Week That Laid The Experts Bare" To wit: Then there was Suze Orman’s taking to Twitter.

Unemployment stood at 7.3 percent in October. Some experts have suggested that the Fed may lower the unemployment threshold to 6 percent. "The Fed needs to detect asset bubbles when they are forming," Yellen told the committee, HousingWire reported.

In case you missed last week’s confirmation hearing for incoming federal reserve chief, Janet Yellen, I can sum it up for you in one word. Clueless! "It’s important for the Fed, hard as it is, to attempt to detect asset bubbles when they’re forming," said Yellen.

 · The Fed’s Getting Ready to Raise into Weakness. Speculation began after Janet Yellen’s testimony to House and Senate committees last month. She said a solid job market and an overall improving economy suggested the Fed would likely resume raising rates soon. But, Yellen did not say anything she hadn’t said in December.

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Janet Yellen was confirmed today as the first woman to lead the U.S. Federal Reserve — becoming one of the most powerful people in global finance and the top regulator in the U.S. financial system. The Center for Public Integrity spoke to Yellen in June about her views on bank regulation and supervision.

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Despite the Fed raising rates, U.S. financial conditions are the easiest in over two years, according to Goldman Sachs. Credit growth and global debt are now higher than they were before the crisis..

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