Someone is stealing For Sale signs in Phoenix and no one knows why

Maybe I’ll open a new one." Renslow shrugged when asked how the long the selling process for the building might take. "Someone could buy us in a month or it could be a year. I have no idea when we..

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My Move To California- Do I Regret It? One night, he noticed a car drive by a house with an RE/MAX sign, and when the vehicle would drive away, the sign would be gone. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough identification from the view of the vehicle to figure out who stole the signs.

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Finally, the Coyotes were no longer the equivalent of Oliver Twist under the arm of Mr. Bumble, singing “One boy, boy for sale. Phoenix. Once the winter comes and more people come to Arizona, I.

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Real estate discussion forums and agent directory. Looking for real estate or investing information?. Open Houses my for sale sign got stolen. When I tried to investigate, I was nearly accosted by one of the family members. I’ll buy a new sign but won’t be using it in that location.