More than half of US metros post higher foreclosure activity

Of the 29 markets where home prices are still more than 50 percent below their peaks, 15 are in California and 11 in Florida. There is hope, though, for most homeowners in these markets: over the next five years, home prices in 24 of these 29 markets are projected to increase at higher than the projected annualized rate for the country as a whole.

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Nevada, Colorado, California post top foreclosure rates Nevada posted the nation’s highest foreclosure rate, with oneforeclosure filing for every 40 households during the first half of 2007.The state reported a total of 25,208 foreclosure filings on 14,687properties, more than double the number of foreclosure filings reported inthe previous six.

Some metros up more than 60%. And as far as changes from last year, San Jose, California, saw the highest increase at 33%, followed by Flint, Michigan, up 20%; Spokane, Washington, up 18%; Reno, Nevada, up 17% and Seattle, Washington, up 16%.

Twenty-two states and 56 percent of the metro areas in the report had foreclosure activity that was lower. "So we need to take some additional measures, in my view, to prepare for an economic environment with either higher delinquencies or higher interest rates." Growing market share More than half of all.

Looking at larger U.S. cities, foreclosure activity in the first half of 2012 grew more than 20% from the second half of 2011 for the cities of Philadelphia (30%); Chicago (28%); New York (26%.

BofA pays $1.3 billion to Fannie, Freddie for foreclosure delays Court orders Bank of America to pay $1.3 billion for bad mortgages. A federal judge on Wednesday ordered Bank of America to pay $1.27 billion in damages over shoddy mortgages sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac just before the housing crisis. Last fall, a jury found the country’s second-largest bank liable for fraud over the sale.

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U.S. Real Estate Trends uses RealtyTrac to learn more about local foreclosure trends at RealtyTrac. Includes local state and local foreclosure market information and statistics.. Contact us now!. Foreclosure Activity for the U.S.

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Here are the 10 hottest housing markets that fueled a record-breaking August 10 Once-Bankrupt Companies Primed for a Comeback (Update 1) – Here’s a look at five companies to watch for that. in a move to try and stabilize any flight from its capital markets business as it renegotiated roughly $10 billion in debt. "Disruptions in the.