About 43% of Americans expect home prices to rise

 · Poll: 64% of Americans expect home prices to rise. Americans’ faith in the housing market continues to rebound as the Great Recession’s housing troubles slowly.

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NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — More than half of Americans think home prices will go up over the next 12 months, according to a new Bankrate.com RATE report. Just eight percent expect.

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Experts Predict US Housing Crisis As New Home Sales Plunge Older Americans are increasingly renting instead of owning a home – Older Americans are increasingly choosing to rent instead of owning a home, according to a new analysis of U.S. Census data. The number of renters age 60 and older in large U.S. cities rose 43.

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More great real estate news to come: Americans are starting to get optimistic about the housing market, finally. More than half of Americans now expect the country’s home prices to climb within the next year, according to new data from mortgage-finance company Fannie Mae.

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The share of surveyed Americans who believe home prices will tick up in the next year reached the highest level to-date, at 43%, up 6 percentage points from November, according to Fannie Mae’s.

California expands mortgage help to those with second homes Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Low-down loans coming back  · Cambridge University Press was obliged to pulp its book "Alms for Jihad", written by Robert Collins and J. Millard Burr, rather than face a libel action in British courts, which seem at the moment to side with those who finance extremism rather than those who seek to curb it. The case of Mr. Nadhmi Auchi also comes to mind. · HSH’s annual outlook for mortgage rates, the Fed, home sales, home prices, regulations, reforms and other items that will affect the mortgage and housing markets during the year.. the new head could take actions such as reducing or eliminating purchases of second homes.

Survey finds Americans regaining confidence that home. –  · Fannie Mae’s national housing survey reported that last month, 43% of the people it queried said they think home prices will rise over the next.

 · A majority of Americans forecast home prices will rise over the next 12 months for the first time in three-year old survey by Fannie Mae.

The total backlog consists of 43% homes from California. And last but not least, 45% of all sales are generated in California thanks to the higher prices. Unfortunately. California’s share of total.

 · WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans continue to believe home prices in their local area will rise, as 64% expect an increase during the next year. That is up nine percentage points in the past two years and is the highest Gallup has measured since the emergence of.

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